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It is amazing to me how many predators are truly unaware of how easy it is to find them.They don't understand the technology, or certainly less so than the people who work diligently at software companies to outwit them.

In fact up to twenty-three people can be in an AOL private chat room.

Every private chat room is given a name by its creator. Although the public chat rooms on AOL are always listed in a live public directory showing the title of the room and how many people are currently chatting there, private rooms are not listed.

In chat rooms, postings and responses can be done in real time. They are areas of the Internet where you can exchange messages with a large number of people at one time; and where there is the option to join a group chat where everyone in the chat room can view every comment.

Chatting in the room itself is not the preferred method of a predator.

It creates a private space for "conversation" where both sides of the chat are displayed.

However, the private chat room can be enjoyed by more than two people at a time.But it is possible to accidentally stumble into a private room.Remember that all chat programs have private chat rooms, private chatting, and instant messaging of some kind.Predators use chat rooms as a hunting ground to locate their victim. Is there a child of the sex and age they are looking for in the chat rooms?Is that child having a good time online, are others chatting with the child, or are the other members of the chat room picking on the child?As you can see, this leaves law enforcement with almost an insurmountable amount of obstacles.

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