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I believe there is a defined knowledge base needed by a good designer.In the first level class, I expect students to not only understand the basic elements, but also be able to apply them consistently in their projects. The third level class provides students with insights into the business world, focusing on defining and redefining brands.

It was in that inspirational moment that I realized design would be my life long pursuit.

Years later, my career brings me back to my roots in education.

My students bring many different types of creative intelligence to the classroom.

That is one of the things that makes teaching at a liberal arts university very special.

Since those very early years, design has evolved and now partners with a broad spectrum of disciplines.

More than ever, design has a chance to make the world a better place as we face many challenges in our society.

Innovation, creativity and design process will play an important role in solving those problems.

I hold personal concerns for the environment and the impact modern society has had on our oceans and wildlife.

I believe that innovation combines both creative and analytical thinking.

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