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“It was really an impressive site to visit,” she said.

The Generations and Encore visits had a similar purpose, she said.

Over and over, we hear that EA is the best kept secret around. We have a new pamphlet describing EA and we want to get it into the hands of people who could share our information.

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Reaching out for help can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never spoken to anyone about the abuse before.

Sometimes it’s hard to describe how you’re feeling out loud.

The lunch cost is $6.95 for persons younger than 60. Telling the group, “We need to look out for one another,” she said the goal is to provide services and support “so that you can age well and live in your homes and communities with the dignity and respect that you all deserve.” Osborne’s Aug.

24 Montgomery County visit began with taking part in that day’s Montgomery County Trail Challenge celebration, she said.

Kennedy told CNN he was in “complete disbelief” after learning “Santa B” wanted to pay off all the layaway accounts at his Bedford County location.“It was definitely a great gesture. Any items not paid in full or claimed by then will be refunded. 7, a cheque to the sum of US$42,265.59 was delivered to Kennedy’s store.

Nearly 200 customers received phone calls from the retail giant informing them they could come pick up their items in time for the holidays.She said she wanted to instead talk about the benefits provided by the funding, such as senior centers and reduced price meals for seniors. Monday through Friday at Encore, which is located at 312 Alumni Ave.At Encore, persons who are 60 or older or disabled, or the spouse of someone who is 60 or older or disabled, are asked to make an anonymous voluntary contribution for the lunches. “I’m thrilled to see you here in this incredible space eating such nutritious meals,” Osborne told the diners.Pamela Foor told The Associated Press she received one of those calls.“Some people really needed that this Christmas and I'm just grateful and thankful that they can do that,” she said.Marjorie Swymelar says she comes to Encore Experiences in Harleysville almost every day Monday through Friday. I play cards here,” the 95-year-old Harleysville resident said as she sat with a group of people having lunch in the Encore Café Aug. The Encore lunches are usually her main meal of the day, she said.That way if you aren't at a meeting when your group contact announces news from the ISC, you won't miss a thing! - Recall your first EA meeting and the hesitation you experienced before walking through the door? I was saved, I was welcomed, I was accepted, I was loved!

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