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It was Dave, texting me from across the store."Thos jeans ur wearing tday make yr ass look hot. I want 2 fuk it."I wasn't sure whether to blush, laugh, or call the cops. A guy who, up until now, had demonstrated zero interest in my ass, let alone any wish to defile it. For soldiers on deployment, business persons traveling, and students who have to spend years away at college, our lives are steadily stretched over longer and longer distances, and our partners can’t always be with us.

So there is some level of specific involvement, but not nearly as much as getting lap dances or cavorting with escorts. They watch porn together, they visit local adult bookstores together, or they happily snap nude photos of themselves and post them online to forums for evaluation. If you don’t know why, consider decades of monogamous marriage can require some bit of adventurous play just to keep things interesting. Maybe it’s a fetish they want to explore, or maybe even some bisexual tendencies.

There’s also the category of people committed in long-term relationships. And where the other partner might not agree to try this with them because they simply have no interest, they might grant them the privilege of fulfilling this desire via phone sex.

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After all, what if texting is just another way for my generation to continue disengaging from a real search for connection?

Maybe there's something to be said for the good old-fashioned phone call.

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