These chapters which have appeared in Spink's Numismatic Circular were written with no other arrangement or sequence than — IX — that suggested by the attraction felt at the time for each subject. They have now been rearranged, and those cities grouped together which were colonised from one mother-city. When we compare the coins of these colonial towns with those of the mother cities we see that their artists frequently surpassed in skill and delicacy of work those of the old country, and we no longer wonder that the importance of the artists of Magna Graecia was great enough to give them a privilege rarely elsewhere accorded, that of placing their names on the coins they designed and executed.


It is necessary to the understanding of our children and of the childhood of the race that we should be not unmindful of our own childhood.

1909 COINS OF MAGNA GR^CIA PROTAT BROTHERS, PRINTERS, MACON (FRANCE) Pan6rmus J *K*» rx^flw ill - - : ;.- f'irtw/sun wromenium ** / COINS OF MAGNA GR^CIA THE COINAGE OF THE GREEK COLONIES OF SOUTHERN ITALY BY THE REV. When an ancient Greek spoke of a mountain torrent as a rushing bull, and drew the bull to express the idea in his mind, he was nc more confused intellectually than the child who cries out in his play 'Urn a wolf" or "I'm a bear".

The mythological subjects illustrated on the coins are treated in a similar manner on the beautiful terra-cotta vases of Southern Italy.

Other objects of terra-cotta and bronze will be looked at with fresh interest by those familiar with these coin-types.

These works might well have been illustrated by photographs of the coins of Magna Graecia, and a study of this series of coins will help the reader to understand and realize the changes therein described.

The religious types on the coins of this series throw light upon the relationship of the various cities to each other, and to those in their Mother-Land.

To Englishmen the history of these colonies planted among native tribes and spreading among them the culture of a higher race, must have a special interest.

To collectors of modest means this series possesses the special advantage of containing large numbers of coins which may be obtained at a very small cost, many indeed of Bronze for as little as two shillings or eighteen pence. Opening of Mints at Croton, Caulonia, Metapontum, Poseidonia, and Laus.

The alphabetical order usually followed in numismatic works is here abandoned because it will be found much more interesting to continue the story of a city as it is developed in the history of its neighbours.


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