Rt updating bgp 0 0 0 0 0

This method will route traffic out the source VRF to the global table and back in the destination VRF.

rt updating bgp 0 0 0 0 0-4rt updating bgp 0 0 0 0 0-30

ip extcommunity-list standard V5 permit rt 1:5 ip extcommunity-list standard V7 permit rt 1:7 !

ip prefix-list IMPORT-5 seq 5 permit ip prefix-list IMPORT-5 seq 15 permit 1.0/24 ip prefix-list IMPORT-7 seq 5 permit ip prefix-list IMPORT-7 seq 15 permit 1.0/24 !

A RT or route-target on the other hand is a BGP extended community which gets attached when a prefix is exported from the VRF RIB table into the VRF-aware BGP table to identify VPN membership.

The confusing part is that the RT import/export function in Cisco IOS is defined under the VRF configuration section and not under the BGP section. This means without BGP enabled on Router1, the RT import/export would yield no result.

For this two routes are needed in the global RIB for the next-hop IPs of VPN5 and VPN7: interface Fast Ethernet0/0 ip vrf forwarding VPN5 ip address 1.1 !

interface Fast Ethernet0/1 ip vrf forwarding VPN7 ip address 1.1 !

So to test should be allowed to ping but no other 55.5 range.

This is done by using the command “ip route vrf NAME x.x.x.x s.s.s.s global”.

Here is the config to complete the first option: ip vrf VPN5 rd 100:5 import map V5-MAP route-target export 1:5 route-target import 1:5 route-target import 1:7 !


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