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Mailing lists, like Yahoo Groups, allowed fans to create a more customized and controlled fandom experience.This had both positive and negative impact on fandom.Fantasies of group sex are extremely common among both men and women.

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Onelist was founded by Mark Fletcher in August 1997. e Groups was founded by Scott Hassan in January, 1997, as an email archiving service called Find Mail. [Note: additional info about fandom use of both mailing list services prior to Yahoo Groups merger is welcomed.] Fandom uses Yahoo!

Groups for various purposes, for example as discussion groups, or as fandom, topic or author specific mailing lists for fanfic.

"Back in the day, especially on Usenet, there was a larger sense of fandom.

Slashers, shippers, and those who couldn't care less who's banging who all co-existed on the same newsgroup.

Oh yeah, there were fights, but fandom was a lot more interesting back then because you were exposed to more opinions.

With the advent of One List and it's many evolutions, fandom started to become much more factionalized as each fandom had dozens of lists. Slashers never have to be exposed to shippers, and vice versa. Acquired the previously merged e Groups/ONEList (Nov 1999) in August 2000, and a few months later merged these groups with the Yahoo Groups into one service.Removed "adult" lists from the search directory in 2001 (many groups containing fanfic were marked adult and are now impossible to find unless you already know their exact names) Onelist and e Groups, two other free mailing list services, merged in 1999 and then, one year later, were bought by Yahoo in 2000.In principle, any sexual behavior performed by more than two people can be referred to as group sex, but various terms are used to describe particular acts or combinations of people.Many swingers argue that non-swingers have conflated the terms because of lack of understanding and that there are distinct differences among the terms with specific meanings as to number, intent, sexual orientation, and familiarity of the persons involved.In places where non-monogamous sex is taboo or illegal, group sex may take place in private or clandestine locations including homes, hotel rooms, or private clubs.

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