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To learn how to do this, I have couples revisit rocky moments in their relationship and, applying what they have learned in Conversations 1 and 2 about the way they communicate and their attachment fears, figure out how to smooth the ground.

In my practice, we replay turbulent big-bang arguments as well as quieter continual disconnections.

They can stand back and reflect on the process between them and they can also own their part in that process. They are caught up in the emotional chaos at the surface of the relationship, in seeing each other as threats, as the enemy.

Seven Transforming Conversations: Recognizing Demon Dialogues—In this first conversation, couples identify negative and destructive remarks in order to get to the root of the problem and figure out what each other is really trying to say.

Finding the Raw Spots—Here, each partner learns to look beyond immediate, impulsive reactions to figure out what raw spots are being hit.

or email Peggie Hold Me Tight® Workshop ~ Nevada City, CA Presented by Dalia Anderman March 25-26, 2017 for more information please email Dalia Hold Me Tight® Workshop ~ Fort Worth, TX Presented by Elise Mederos March 31-April 1, 2017 for more information please call 817-841-9110 or email Elise Hold Me Tight® Workshop ~ Hamilton Area, ON Presented by Susan Winter Fledderus and Jennifer Bowen March 31-April 2, 2017 for more information please email Hold Me Tight® Workshop ~ Minneapolis, MN Presented by Bernie Slutsky and Fran Zimmerman April 1-2, 2017 for more information please call 763-541-8176 or email Bernie Hold Me Tight® Workshop ~ New Brunswick, NJ Presented by Drs.

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• EFT is recognized by the American Psychological Association as empirically proven. It walks the reader through seven conversations that capture the defining moments in a love relationship and instructs how to shape these moments to create a secure and lasting bond.

Case histories and exercises in each conversation bring the lessons of EFT to life.

Keeping Your Love Alive—This last conversation is built on the understanding that love is a continual process of losing and finding emotional connection; it asks couples to be deliberate and mindful about maintaining connection.

has now been translated in 21 other languages (Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Taiwanese, and Turkish). Johnson has created and produced two DVDs based on her book The Hold Me Tight® Workshop was developed by Dr.

Currently EFT is being used with diverse couples from various cultures around the world in private practice, university training centers and hospital clinics. The message of EFT is simple: Forget about learning how to argue better, analyzing your early childhood, making grand romantic gestures, or experimenting with new sexual positions.

Instead, recognize and admit that you are emotionally attached to and dependent on your partner in much the same way that a child is on a parent for nurturing, soothing, and protection.

They can deal better with the disorienting ambiguity that their loved one, who is the solution to fear, can also suddenly became a source of fear.


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