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Running seven dates in the major US markets, the tour highlighted music new and old from Posner's discography, including some new material from Pages, while also giving fans a shot at learning new information from him through the stories and Q&A sessions interspersed with the tunes.

The unplugged sets featured little more than Posner on predominantly acoustic instruments, save for the potential live production on "a song or two"—much like, he says, how much of his music starts.

peaked in the top 10 on the charts in 27 countries around the world, including hitting number one in many and the top five on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States.

The mixtape was accompanied by a web series of the same name which aired bi-weekly from September to December.

Posner's debut album, 31 Minutes to Takeoff was released in August 2010.

Although Posner was not the only artist to take advantage of this loophole, his release was the most organized and high profile, and attracted the largest response, immediately reaching the number one position on the i Tunes U chart.

Posner's third mixtape One Foot Out the Door was released in October 2009.

Posner released his debut album, 31 Minutes to Takeoff, on August 10, 2010.

The album includes the US Billboard Hot 100 top 10 single "Cooler than Me" as well as the top 20 single "Please Don't Go".The song was released on December 17, 2013, featuring Big Sean, and the music video on December 19.On March 4, 2014, Posner announced his Unplugged tour.However, with the success of his first album, Posner began to feel uncomfortable with being in the spotlight and struggled with depression.He took a break from making music to write and produce songs for other artists.In March 2017, he released his first book of poetry, Tear Drops & Balloons.


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