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""This is a refreshing change, although I am English I have to sit with a dictionary to fully understand some of the older classic reference books and the archaic language used by oxford graduates! ""While nothing can beat actually handling an object, this book contributes significantly to the process of evaluation from pictures (and to confirmation once holding an item).As such it should become a 'modern classic' and deserves a place of honour in the 'books I actually use' section of the bookshelves!

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It was first made at Dehua in the Fujian province and shortly became very popular in Europe where it first copied at Meissen and from there in other parts of Europe too.

Blanc de Chine is famous among other types of Ming porcelain for its perfect blend of glaze and body, giving it a milk-like texture, from which its original name came: “ivory white” and “milk white”.

This technique meant that the forms of a vase were first made from bronze or copper, thus creating compartments ( in French) which were then filled with a mixture of glass paste and different oxides, like the cobalt we mentioned before.

The metal oxides fusion with the porcelain material and create beautiful enamels that decorated Ming vases.

The images can be drawn by hand, by stenciling or by transfer-printing.

Blue became a popular color in Ming dynasty art (and is still used by porcelain manufacturers in China and Japan) because at the time, it was the strongest color that could resist the high heat required to create porcelain.

Ming dynasty art was not oblivious to its neighbors, but instead borrowed important techniques and art motifs.

The Islamic influences are notable in Ming ceramics as there are many Ming vases that feature Islamic-inspired images such as the Arabic script and lyrical verses.

But apart from the well known blue-and-white models, there are many other types of Ming vases just as beautiful.

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