Sex chat room anonymous - Husband not validating feelings

Over the years you may have shifted focus away from your partner and more towards yourself.

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Mary eventually confronted him: “Yes, Robert, you have all those qualities, but you don’t give me what I want.” Throughout their marriage he played the role of the good husband, Finally he realized that he was a good husband only if Mary felt loved by him.

Mary wanted a husband that focused first on loving her and the kids and then on completing tasks.

But it’s absolutely crucial to effective communication and to the fulfillment of our craving for connection with our mates. “I may not understand all that you’re feeling right now, but you have a right to your feelings.

They make sense to me.” You might want to record these questions and keep them in a place where you can retrieve them easily, like on a handy index card tucked in your wallet or on a note-keeping app on your smart phone, etc.

He was caring and responsible but always placed tasks before people.

He was convinced that he was a good husband because he worked very hard to provide for his family and had never cheated on his wife or done anything immoral or illegal.

” Make this year a break-through year in your relationship by trying three powerful empathy skills to deepen your love for each other. Focus on those qualities and strengths that you honor and respect in your partner.

This simple focus will restore your partner’s value in your heart.

Have you ever felt like you’ve shared your deepest feelings with your spouse only to be left feeling unheard, walled out or simply misunderstood?

What you’re wanting—the missing link—is validation or acknowledgement of your feelings.

Joe, a successful physician, and Sylvia, a marketing executive, complained about their unfulfilling marriage and stressful lives.

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