Media player stop updating media library

Once a library has been created, it is processed by your Plex Media Server so all the media items are matched and metadata is gathered.

As time goes on, you'll add and remove media to the libraries or make other changes that mean the library is no longer up-to-date.

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A Refresh is something you'll want to do less often and so it's a manual action.

In many cases, Updates may be initiated for you automatically such as when you save changes to a library's settings.

Else, create a string value enableautoupgrade under mediaplayer key and right-click to modify it value to no, when the version of windows media player is 6.4 or earlier. When editing the registry it is highly recommended to run a quick scan for optimization, you can test your system now for free.

My media player keeps updating my music files with files I don’t need. For example, music files that have to do with system sounds and other ridiculous music files. Changes need to be made in the Library view, so if your player is in the Now Playing mode, you can switch to the Library by clicking the Switch to Library button in the upper right corner of the player window.

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Q: RPC server is unavailable on windows 7 stand alone logon A: A solution is to make sure "DHCP Client" and "RPC Endpoint Mapper" "Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator" "Remote Procedure Call (RPC)" are all...(more) Q: How to change the file type of a completed project in Windows Live Movie Maker A:files are not actually movies, that why you can't view it with anything else.

Description: Windows media player plays digital media like cds and dvds to give the best experience of audio/video albums and internet radio.

It checks periodically for updates but this setting allows you to disable this feature in windows media player.

You can think of updating as "check for new or changed content and get metadata for it if needed".

You should Update a library if you have: Refreshing a library or individual item causes the metadata for the item to be refreshed, even if it already has metadata.

However, you can control the Windows Media Player appetite, by adding or removing folders from the libraries which it uses to update files.


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