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She made an appointment Friday for that Monday and received texts all weekend. Both Wright and the CBS11 Manage were told they had matches “right away”.

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He wasn’t able to convey his thoughts,” added David Saladino.

When the Saladino’s found out, they contacted the company that day.

Gill said she wasn’t allowed to tell potential clients the name of the business over the phone because they could do a search and see negative reviews.

“I’m tricking them into coming into the office and then potentially paying thousands of dollars,” said Gill.

“He got dressed in a suit, drove in a car up to Addison, said he was going on a job interview to fix someone’s air conditioning,” said Stephanie Saladino.

“He would so easily get confused, he couldn’t comprehend the numbers.

He said his matches were “way off base,” not even close to what he was looking for.

Dallas & Fort Worth Singles responded to CBS11 by sending a statement that claimed Paul Planz was of sound mind when he signed the contract and that Planz’s credit card company denied his request for a refund. Planz was suffering from some sort of mental impairment at the time of enrollment, Dallas & Fort Worth Singles can understand why his daughter has been so upset.

“Well, the BBB is concerned because we want it to be a safe place where people can give their opinion without feeling threatened,” said Landix.

Another customer name Daniel Wright said he knows all too well what Landix means.

The company’s position has always been, and remains: Please provide Dallas & Fort Worth Singles with some sort of proof of Mr.


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