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" " The King is always has many secrets , So don't feel slight if he could not tell you about them !" " You might not too brave or too fear in your acts . " " When The King want your serve , Give him the best you can .

sex books Moda Puku Kathalu Sarasa maina kathalu, College lo Dengulata, Akka, Thamudu, Amma, Chelli, Vadina, Maridi Kathalu Story: Nenu ma school lo unapudu teachers antha ladies e..

ma school director amai pichodu..anduke sariga structure una teachers untaru.. dani nadumu gattiga nokkanu adi na sulla patukundi... tarvatha dani blouse lo cheyi pettanu...chala mettaga unai....

nenu na frend back bench lo teachersni chustu hp kottevala.... tarvatha boddulo velupettanu adi inka time aipoyi vellipoyindi.. tarvata dani gudda nibaga massage chesi nokkanuandulo na sulla durchanu... tarvata pukulo petti kottanu 3times ke durindi chalagattiga kottanu...

okasari ma english teacher na mundu bench lo kurchundi dani bodychustu aapukoleka sulla bayataki teesi kottestuna e lopu anukokunda adi chusindi kani emi anale... adi na thoda meda cheyi vesindi na sulla legisindi..naku bhayam vesi emi cheyale... e sari nenu dhiryam chesi dani thoda meda cheyi vesa.. idanta last bench lo undadam valla na fend ki tappa evari ki teliyadu... pencile dani sollu meda gesanu...tarvata full ga nakanu tarvatha dani nadumu full ga nokkanu tarvata kiss chesi boddu lo velu petti baga tippanu.. hp puku lopale vesesa...idanta dani kallu chetulu katti sound rakunda noru kuda kattesa..

Chero kaalitho okko DICK..........boobs tho oka dick..............asstho oka dick pooku tho oka dick hold chesi serve chestondi...........sogasaina VOLLANTA MODDALTHO NINDIPOINDI............she is not missing me torture with her teasing looks lanja ani pics ne fb and other social networksitelo upload chesi deni two states lo popular cheyandi ra orey musubu nakini chalu vachi ne lanja pallu thagu nenu ne na moda ne vadina pukulo ke dimta megatha vallu vadina na moda pls na moda anto face ne red ga ayala koduthu okasari rendu modalu rasi notlo pettaru tapse:ne frnd boob sucking in enjoy chesthu sex lo nuv super expert v neku nenu chepadi enti anaya ne cum waste cheya kooda ne cum tho na puku nippi nanu ne pilla la talli ne cheya ra cum in me anaya ahahaha cum in me nani anaya wife Sonal : Beti kaadu daddy Betiya harder n harder dad wife Sonal squirting her juices : Ahhh Daddy............................

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" " After you have proven you are good enough , He will do with you as his governor .

" " The King have many governors , So if the king does not ask you to serve . " " But , If you are chosen , Do it with your best responsibility from the beginning to the ending for that serve .

sex books Moda Puku Kathalu Sarasa maina kathalu, College lo Dengulata, Akka, Thamudu, Amma, Chelli, Vadina, Maridi Kathalu Naperu divya nenu digree 2nn year chaduvuthunna naku marrege ipoindi.

Ika story loki vasthe nenu inter chadivetapudu na venuka chala mandhi abbailu padevallu. Endukante allreadi nenu vere athanni lov chesthunna . Oka roju na birth day nadu vallintlo evaru lerani nannu vallintiki rammannadu nenu vellesariki thanu cake thisukochadu .

" " All of you are always response for this mission too .


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