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Default validation support of Salary (because of int datatype) won’t allow us to change the validation message. It stops default model binder from executing by default.

We achieve the same by using our own validation like regular expression, range or Custom Validator. In this case we can use Update Model function as follows.

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Step 3 – Display Error in the View Change HTML in the “Views/Index/Create Employee.cshtml” to following. As we discussed earlier, Model Binder updates the Model State.

This time we will format our UI a little with the help of “table” tag; Test 2 Note: You may end up with following error. Validation Message displays the error message from Model State based on Key.

So in your sample I recommend you to create a new folder called “Validations” in root location and create a new class inside it.

Step 2- Attach it to First Name Open Employee class and remove the default “Required” attribute from First Name property and attach First Name Validation as follows. Code re-usability is my passion , Teaching and learning is my hobby, Becoming an successful entrepreneur is my goal. I do trainings on WCF, MVC, Business Intelligence, Design Patterns, HTML 5, j Query, JSON and many more Microsoft and non-Micrsoft technologiees.

In Lab 10 we have seen basic functionality of Model Binder. In MVC we use Data Annotations to perform server side validations.

Before we get into Data Annotation lets understand few more things about Model Binder When Action method contain primitive type parameter, Model Binder will compare name of the parameter with each key in the incoming data (Incoming data means either posted data or query string).Let’s understand same by adding validation feature to our on-going project.Step 1 – Decorate Properties with Data Annotations Open Employee class from Model folder and decorate First Name and Last Name property with Data Annotation attribute as follows. Is Valid is false response of Save Employee button click is View Result pointing to “Create Employee” view.Why values are getting cleared when validation fails? Data Entry view which was rendered in the beginning and which get rendered later are same from development perspective but are different from request perspective. Note: Update Model won’t work with primitive datatypes.What is the difference between Update Model and Try Update Model method?Over the last decade we’ve spent quite a bit of time and energy remodeling mid-century modern homes (MCMs).


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