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She was pouring with sweat and it beaded and glistened on her black skin. She cupped my chin with her hand and pulled my face upwards.

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Smart, funny, caring, irresistible, seductive and highly addictive.

Whether you come to me looking for a sensual tease in your favorite fetish outfit, a soft domination session with a gentle yet firm grip; or you will let me have my sadistic way with you -- all you will crave is to be in my presence and spend time with me in webcam sessions to find out what else I've got in mind for you.

She had a brown shirt sleeved top on and a pair of thigh high leather boots.

One thing she truly adores doing is punishing sissy girls when she gets that strap on she really goes for it She knows I have a leather fetish and it amuses her to turn me on whilst humiliating me.

I heard her squirt some lube on it and rub it before she kicked my feet apart a bit to get the full width of the spreader bar and grabbed my hips.

Her dark skinned female domination hands were firm and strong and there was very little movement I could make.

It feels like hours since she locked me in the stock but in reality it has probably only been twenty five minutes.

They are set at just above waist height so I am bent over almost double with my head through the big hole in the middle and my wrists secured via smaller one’s t each side.

In the world of Domination and submission there are rules to follow, there are limits to respect...

The perfect tease with a twisted, kinky and perverted mind.

I am a slave to a dominant black women and she can be pretty ruthless and sadistic.

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