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Instead, go with something thats super-stylish and totally on trend by choosing from these sexy cocktail dresses from Go Jane.Our collection includes a number of uniquely unforgettable dresses that will make his head spin.Our focus of combining innovative products with world-class instructional content from top experts in fitness, nutrition, health and wellness, endures.

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"Over 60 per cent of our fans already use the Jubilee line to reach us.

If you have a wild #GNO coming up this weekend, you'll need the perfect going-out dress to fit with everything you have planned.

Fierce, fashionable ladies know that the cocktail dress never goes out of style.

But that doesnt mean you have to be basic when it comes to picking out date night dresses.

A strappy caged back detail, sheer mesh inserts, fringed panelsthe list goes on.

These arent boring dresses thatll blend into the background; these are cocktail dresses thatll make you a fashion queen.

You spot someone you fancy on the Tube, fantasise about your deliciously perfect life together, name your three kids and… You’ve reached your stop and your soul mate has vanished into the murky ether of the underground forever.

But fear not, fellow singletons, for help is at hand.

From bright and bold hues to the freshest prints and patterns, weve got a date night dress for every occasion.


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