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Parents need to know that even though Teen Spot is advertised for teens; it's in fact not for kids at all.The website includes a wide variety of entertainment information; from popular games and movies to celebrity gossip and fashion.

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I think everyone paints this site in auch a harsh light. All teens used it and most didnt bother with the security optiona goven to them and talked to strangers and gave their details away. I moved down to where he lives and am extremely happy so all in all.

If you are clied up with safety you would have had a reasonably pleasent experience.

In this list you will find a collection of teenager dating sites in the United Kingdom.

Hi ppl, this web site has been the best chat web site ever created, many friends i have made on the chat site and i'm sill talking to them, now i'm 19 i have been tlkin to ppl since i was about 15, which is kool, Thanks alot ppl keep the good wrk going Teen chat is great!

I was bombarded with messages from people who were clearly over 23, some people even 35 . I totally agree with past users that there were plenty of nasty and vile individuals. dont open your heart or peraonal information to anyone.

This is a site that is used by predators to meet up/ talk with the young and naive people who join thinking its literally just teenagers. The options were there to have a provate profile and set restrictions just like facebook.

I almost fell into the trap with meeting someone from here claiming to be 17, only to find out they were a pedophile. There was an option to report innapropriate behaviour.

And you were not forced to put sexuality or your marital status in.

Thankfully I made the right decision and deleted my Teen Spot account.

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