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You don't have to go all-out pin-up girl or channel some unrealistic Hollywood ideal in your skivvies, it’s just that there is something about slipping into a pair of ratty old undies that starts your day off on the wrong foot.

Looking for love but don't have a ton of time to spend swiping?

Bumble wants to help you out, and make some money in the process.

If you know it in your heart, try to say it out loud as often as you can manage.

If you’re genuinely looking for love, tell your friends and family!

The dating app just released a few paid features to help "enhance your Bumble experience and buy more time, so to speak." Those who upgrade to Bumble Boost can rematch with expired connections, "instantly" match with those who previously liked them, and get an extra 24 hours to craft the perfect message, the company announced Monday.

Bumble did not immediately get back to us about pricing, but Tech Crunch says these features will set you back .99 a month.Following its its very public breach and dump of user data last year, the now-infamous cheating site is now promoting itself as a place to find hotel flings and threesomes.Take it from me—a woman who’s been single on every New Year’s Eve since the dawn of time (speaking scientifically)—nothing does more to dampen the unattached woman’s spirit than the pressure of saying to one’s self (again), “This will be the year I find love.”It’s not that these kinds of promises set you up to fail, it’s that the pressure you place on yourself is far too great!Here are eight resolutions I have found to give my dating mojo and spirits in general the biggest boost.Whether that means quitting all the dating apps if they're driving you nuts or joining a new one with renewed hope, the start of a new year is the perfect time to change things up.Ask for ordering advice, share a table with group of strangers... All that "stuff" that people tell you about doing things for you when you're single might sound like a waste of time, but it's absolutely true.


  1. After getting to know some of the women I wanted to make my project more personal, to tell their stories as a sister, a mother, a daughter – as a woman, not just a sex worker. I would earn 2,000 or 3,000 rupees a day, and I had to give it to my husband. He was very jealous and accused me of giving the money to another man if I did not earn any money that day. He threatened to send her to the brothels too when she started to grow up. I fought with him but he poured a lamp over me and set me on fire [she points to another scar on her stomach].

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