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Tonight, the story of a little girl adopted through a legitimate U. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Once you`ve seen the images and you`ve seen the collection, this -- this set of pictures is, it breaks your heart. So I went and told all my friends there, told everybody there. (END VIDEO CLIP) GRACE: Her perpetrator, her adopted father, American pedophile, living the good life here in a mental facility, Devons (ph) Prison Hospital. ROTHSTEIN: He`s serving a federal sentence for child pornography-related offenses. Now, I don`t mean to push, but why is it that it is not a federal law that there has to be home studies? And just by the look on him in the courtroom, what I saw was a monster. I want to go back to her new mom, her new adoptive mom. And then, when I got older, my mom and dad got divorced when I was like 10. MARSH: Or the lack thereof, what I called the promotional piece for Mr. GRACE: Any idiot could see there was one bedroom and one father and no mom. MARSH: We are suing the agency that did the home study. GRACE: You know, Elizabeth, do you have the application we found that Mancuso made for her where it cites what kind of child he would like to bring home?

MASHA ALLEN, CHILD PORNOGRAPHY SURVIVOR: My pictures that are on the Internet disturb me more than what Matthew did because I know that the abuse stopped but those pictures are still on the Internet. They are not abuse offenses, although he does have a sentence waiting for him when he finished his federal time on Pennsylvania charges of rape and incest. I mean, this child was adopted into a home to a single man who was divorced with a daughter he had molested, a grown daughter. Then she had boyfriends, and they started abusing me and my sister. FAITH: When he came into court, she wanted to see him, because she wanted to see him walk in, in the shackles around his feet and the handcuffs on his hands. And when he walked in, she saw him and she actually laughed at him as he walked in the courtroom in these shackles and chains. MARSH: Well, I think what we`ve seen in this case is that -- you know, we talked to law enforcement. And we`re still trying to sort out which agency was responsible for the placement. If you could put that up, and highlight the part I want to show the viewers that we talked about. What I don`t understand is how, in this country, children like Masha can be adopted with basically no home study. Mancuso wants a child, a girl, between 5 and 6, Caucasian.

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And I think that, in fact, the very serious mistake he made is he ended up with Masha, who is a child of enormous intellect and not someone who was going to be victimized without fighting back. JOHN KERRY (D), MASSACHUSETTS: What does it tell you about Washington`s misplaced priorities that the penalty for downloading songs off the Internet is three times what the penalty is for downloading pornography, child pornography?

Masha, do you recall your first night in your new home? And, like, after the first night, I knew that it wasn`t going to be all that great. Also, willing to take a child diagnosed with learning disabilities. FLATLEY: Well, I think it`s very clear that he was specially ordering a sex slave.

ALLEN: I do now, but at the time he said I was too fat and that I should stop eating as much as I was. Why do you believe now that Mancuso, your adopted father, did not feed you enough? Senator Johnny Isakson is from my home jurisdiction of Georgia. When you hear Masha speak out, how does it make you feel? But John came to me and shared with me Masha`s story, the fact that she was a resident in Georgia, and asked me to join with him in a bipartisan effort to bring about some changes.

JOHNNY ISAKSON (R), GEORGIA : Well, it makes me feel, Nancy, exactly like you are. And I`m on tonight because Senator Kerry, who was the original sponsor of this legislation, is still in the Middle East.

And I was sad, and I thought that was just natural to have a mother because I had a mother that abused me, and still I had a mother. GRACE: You said even though your Russian mom abused you, you still had a mother. Did that make you sad or were you just happy to be adopted? The pictures have circulated over the Internet for the past three years. Authorities offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the girl. Masha tells me she wants to be a graphic designer, wants to go to school, and wants to bring her attacker to justice.

And he said that -- he didn`t really give me a straight answer. They want to identify a girl seen in a series of sexually explicit photos taken at Walt Disney World and other locations. He`d tell me not to tell anybody, or he would say something bad would happen. And so, like, I`d be close to telling somebody, but then I`d always not because I`d get afraid of what might happen. And now that, like, I actually eat enough, I understand that it`s OK to eat until you`re actually full. And you don`t have to be afraid to get what you want to eat. GRACE: Masha, do you remember -- do you have your first recollection of when Mancuso would take pictures of you without your clothes on? GRACE: Baby, how old were you when this was happening? GRACE: When you think now -- and I want to tell you, you`re one of the bravest people I`ve ever met. GRACE: When you think that pictures of you went out on the Internet, you must be furious. And I kind of thought that I was stupid for not figuring it out earlier. And what Senator Kerry`s introduced and I`ve co-sponsored with him is legislation to triple the minimum that an individual victim can recover against someone who downloads these pictures on the Internet. I ate peanut butter sandwiches, I didn`t eat cooked vegetables, not a lot of meat. ALLEN: Well, now, I, like -- a lot of my friends told me that I was really skinny. Joining me right now is a very special guest joining us out of Washington, D. Nancy, unbeknownst to me, and I think millions of Americans, it was a worse penalty to download music on the Internet illegally than to download child pornography.It`s not as if this guy pled incompetency or insanity. He didn`t even have the guts to say "guilty." ROTHSTEIN: He -- I think the reason that he is there is that the Federal Bureau of Prisons decided that there`s where he belonged, in this federal sex offender management program. ROTHSTEIN: Well, there`s -- I think it`s safe to say there were a lot of checks that were supposed to stand in his way from -- that weren`t checked. It does appear that they went through some kind of superficial perfunctory process. GRACE: Didn`t -- wasn`t she molested and never spoke up? UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When we walked up to the door, approaching Mancuso and the child come walking from the backyard to us. Maureen -- before I go to Maureen, I want to go to a special lady with us tonight. A case manager twice a month came out to my house the entire time she was with me in foster care. They are denying they had anything to do with Masha ending up for five years of her life, age 5, pre-K, with an American pedophile. We didn`t have anything to do with that." But you know, we know what happened. FLATLEY: Well, first of all, there`s no federal regulation of adoption at all in the United States. That`s what Senator Kerry`s doing; that`s what I`m doing. Valentino has cerebral palsy, but he has not let it stop him from playing baseball. And I`ve learned, as a crime victim myself, that knowing that somebody else has been through the same ordeal, and they survived, and they triumphed, that helps me. Patricia Saunders, clinically psychologist -- it`s just not only the molestation that haunts them as they grow up; it`s the feeling that nobody did anything. PATRICIA SAUNDERS, CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST: And that nobody would listen, if they did speak out. And I don`t want our viewers to think that all children who are molested at a very young age and continuously molested over years are as well put- together as Masha appears. But this new lady has a kind of resilience that`s rare, and I would guess that Faith, her mom, has it, too. Fortunately for Masha, ironically, she entered the American foster care system, which actually has the highest standards for adoption, which is why Faith`s home study was so much tougher. And they should tell somebody, even if they are afraid to talk about it.It doesn`t appear that they made any best effort to talk to his daughter. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And right then, we both said to each other, you know, this is not good. It just feels like he should be afraid of me now, not the other way around. It`s Masha`s new mom, her adoptive mother, who is herself a crime victim. You had to go through H-E-double-L to adopt this child. FAITH, MASHA`S NEW ADOPTIVE MOTHER: Well, I had caseworkers, a case manager from the foster care agency. After that, they did a complete home study, looked through my house. They took a picture of Masha in her room at her bed. Isn`t it true, when you called this adoption agency in Jersey, they said, "Oh, no, that`s not us"? GRACE: And, you know, another thing, Senator Isakson, is I can`t even imagine how many couples, how many people wish that they had a baby, wish that they had a child like Masha that they could love. And it`s really very special to see them helping each other. But if you`re adopting from a foreign country, the standards are extraordinarily low, really almost non-existent, in some cases, state to state. When you hear that, Masha, if you could speak out to him tonight, what would you tell him? Whoever put him there or how he got there is wrong. The sooner they tell someone, the sooner it will get better.NANCY GRACE, HOST: Tonight, a prime-time live exclusive. Yes, she was adopted by an American -- an American pedophile. GRACE: Did you think your mom, your mother was going to come get you? ALLEN: Everybody there said it was going to be a great place, that I would get my own room and I`d get a mother and a father and a family and they would be all nice and happy. Well in the backgrounds of these images, there are things that we`ve learned that we can identify and try to trace at certain geographic locations. And it`s almost like this wasn`t a case of finding a needle in a haystack. And we just went through each haystack one at a time. He is in a federal medical center that also houses a program for sexual offenders.


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