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When emailing, I usually don't bring up anything about dancing.

That is evident in my profile under the heading, 'About me'.

After all, if someone introduced us (out in the real world), the guy would show some semblance of politeness. It isn’t you–it is the other side that doesn’t know how to behave properly.

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Anyone can join regardless of their physical attractiveness.

After registration, members are required to answer between 100-200 personality issues are used to analyze your compatibility with other members and recommended your matches. There are quite a few sites on the Internet that built specifically to help search cougar young men and vice versa.

Often when I contact a man whose profile I like, he doesn’t even bother to answer.

I try at least to send a short polite “No, thank you.” when someone contacts me and I’m not interested and some men do this too, but more often than not, they just don’t bother to write back.

The idea is to keep her talking about what she likes.

My comment was directed to the 'it's the same as real life' comment.

Now because when I sent e-mails they were usually conversation starters with a question, I sent one, then later on maybe a second one, but rarely a third one. I have to say that a lot of second ones did get a response, either saying thanks but no thanks. Now third emails, rarely got a response at all, so I would say two were my workable limit. I didn't realize I could be perceived a stalker because of 2 contacts. When I ask someone to dance and they turn me down, I may ask again later, and those second attempts have led to some of my best friendships. If you frame the question in a way that can procure a "No" more than likely you will get a no.

I don't think I'm pressuring and really have never felt obsessed(? Also, I may read my mail, but forget to respond, usually because I don't check every day, or if I 'm traveling, I may not get internet access for a week or more. So if you say, "Let's go dancing." My automatic response is "Who the fvck you think you are that I am going to go dancing with you?

There is nothing you can do but to continue being you.


  1. Your sexual dating violence at least encourage more people to sign online.

  2. (CBS 8) --Thermal imaging technology – once reserved for military use – is making its way into the consumer market.

  3. At the same time, critics worry that the abundance of prospective dates available online is undermining relationships.

  4. Watch the “Green Corn Dance” with the entire family at the powwow.

  5. I do this NOT to berate you or make you feel bad, but to improve your chances with women.

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