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Unfortunately, this drew the attention of some less desirable elements; and when he started dating a pretty blonde teenager by the name of Lauren Ashcroft, it set in train a series of events which would leave him fearing for his life.Lauren, it transpired, had also dated George Bromley Junior, an aspiring gangster who revelled in the nickname "the Psycho" because of his reputation for needless and extreme violence.

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Meanwhile, another multimillionaire Premier League star who hails from the city, Joey Barton, has seen no fewer than three close relatives sent to jail for murder in recent years.

Yet the full extent of the gangsters' influence remained something of a guilty secret for years - until that compromising letter was read out in court this week.

During the 1990s, Bromley's father, George Bromley Senior, had established himself as the top "enforcer" in Liverpool, making an illicit fortune by "taxing" drug dealers, stealing their profits and their drugs.

His reputation for violence was peerless even by underworld standards (his favoured form of torture was to take a red-hot iron to his victims' groins).

And with the 36-year-old’s contract set to expire, and with no talks about extending the deal, it looks certain that Gerrard has now played his final professional game of football.

Cole appeared to allude to that with a Twitter post after the game as he apologised to Gerrard for the defeat.Signed by Paul Gerrard, it detailed how Kinsella, an amateur boxer and martial arts expert, saved Steven from a young gangster who threatened to shoot him in the legs in a dispute over a girlfriend."We were at our wits' end when we were introduced by a family friend to John Kinsella," the letter concluded."From that time we have never had any more problems from the Liverpool underworld."And that, supposedly, was that.Further, Gerrard's wife, Alex (nee Curran), used to date a well-known Liverpudlian criminal by the name of Tony Richardson, who left her for Jennifer Ellison, Steven's girlfriend at the time.Even his stellar football career is alleged to have fallen prey to the villains. As a football mad teenager at Cardinal Heenan School in the Liverpool district of West Derby, it was common knowledge that young Steven had a glittering future ahead of him.I will always look back with great pride at every time I pulled on the England shirt."I was lucky to play alongside some great players and under some fantastic managers during my time at Anfield and would like to thank each and every one of them, as well as all of the backroom staff at the club throughout my time there for the fantastic support they showed me.


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  2. In the bull, which is sometimes referred to as the "Witch-Bull of 1484", the witches were explicitly accused of having "slain infants yet in the mother's womb" (abortion) and of "hindering men from performing the sexual act and women from conceiving" (contraception).

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