Discouraged with dating newspaper article about dating violence

It’s a known fact to all of us that the world of dating can be pretty terrifying.

We place our dating fates in the hands of absolute strangers, trying our luck and “hoping for the best”.

We have no choice but to trust that gut feeling of initial attraction when searching for our next possible relationship.

It’s a trip down memory lane that you never thought you would take again, but aren’t mad about journeying down.

There is no better cure to your anxiety about never finding a normal option than someone you already had a flame with, and continue to have chemistry with months — or even years — later. After seeing some former college friends (who were also mutual friends with a very good blast from my past), I found myself sitting at the bar with everyone WISHING my blast from the past was also in attendance.

I had totally forgotten I felt this way about this guy until our follow-up conversation the next day.

When I asked his plans for the day/night I got a response that he was with a girl on a day-long date, with the consolation of “it could be you.”Insert major eyeroll and loss of hope for him here.

I honestly felt this exact way years ago, while out at a bar with these exact friends, noticing his absence and wishing for his presence.

I felt like I was 21 all over again in a wonderfully nostalgic way.

He used the classic guy reasoning of “I’m allowed to go out with other chicks even though I am going out with you until we become a legit couple.”Further, he never tried to hide his other conquests from me.

He was oddly open about it — which he clearly still was. His behavior drove me nuts, and not in the way he wanted.

Until this response, I had completely forgotten that this guy had done this to me all along back in the day.

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