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Rabbi Moses may well have given the artists detailed instructions on the illustrations, furnishing them with specifically Jewish interpretations of biblical scenes.

He decided that the Alba Bible would be a living testament to the spirit of 1992, reviving and fulfilling the long-forgotten hopes of those who had laboured over it five centuries before.

Unrelenting in his quest for the finest quality, he commissioned Facsimile Editions, to produce the facsimile to hitherto unsurpassed standards, combining the finest materials and the very best craftsmanship.

Its paper, formulated to reproduce the exact feel and opacity of the original parchment, was milled in Italy for the facsimile.

The pages of the manuscript were disbound at the Palacio de Liria in Madrid by James Brockman, the Master Bookbinder from Oxford, enabling each folio to be laid flat for photography.

The text was scanned from a reprint of the 1898 edition as published by Baker Book House, Grand Rapids Michigan.

The book is still in print and may be ordered from Baker Book House.

The Bible text designated YLT is from the 1898 Young's Literal Translation by Robert Young who also compiled Young's Analytical Concordance.

This is an extremely literal translation that attempts to preserve the tense and word usage as found in the original Greek and Hebrew writings.

The manuscript known today as the Alba Bible was completed in 1430.

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