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While sometimes they do approach while drunk, the only time I saw ‘normal’ approaches was from Icelandic guys who had lived abroad…”At the end of ‘Bang Iceland,’ Roosh sums up his conclusions under the heading ‘Icelandic hookup culture is kind of fucked up, and that’s coming from me’: “I still can’t get my head wrapped around how strange Icelandic hookup culture is.It’s basically backwards: they have sex first before having an extended conversation that women from almost any other country in the world would require as a prerequisite to sex.”Admittedly, Roosh does not strike one as a particularly sympathetic character.

After all, what if the guy turned out to be boring?

Why then, one might add, leave the selection process to the morning after?

Until I got to Denmark, I’ve never seen such piss-poor all-around game.

I’ll give them a pass because the Icelandic environment promotes passivity, a strategy that may actually increase the chance for a permanent male resident to land a girlfriend.

This is a high-stakes game and all stops are pulled.

You don’t go gently into that good night, unless you want to go home alone.

Icelandic Hookup Culture One reading of Laxness suggests that the half-naked men dancing drunkenly in bars in 21st Century Iceland are a direct result of the Danish pietism of the 17th Century, a period when drinking and dancing were prohibited.

Perhaps this is, then, a belated middle finger to our former king, in the same way that Americans still carry guns to spite George III.

They felt very uncomfortable being addressed by an unknown man in broad daylight. And that time and place is on and around Laugavegur on a Friday or Saturday night. Drunken Teenagers Going On 50I was 22 and living in Helsinki when I learned that it was OK to talk to women while sober. In the capital area, the Finns have developed something of an embryonic dating culture, but leave the big city and you find yourself in a Kaurismaki movie.

The same broadly applies to Oslo versus most of the rest of Norway, or Southern versus Northern Sweden. I know this from first-hand experience, though I can’t really speak for the more unintelligible parts of Western Jutland.

If true, the same aversion to romanticism would logically apply to the Danes themselves, who were, and still are, ruled by these very same kings and queens.

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