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They were ill-served by their U8TV press releases (U8TV is the name of the Web site), which are written in a Playboy-bunny style and Rat Pack lingo that sits oddly with the way they actually talk -- which is monosyllabic Valley Girl.

Sandy Medeiros, 22, from Vancouver says she is still a virgin and proud of it.

In , in which people sit around talking about not much in a kitchen.

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does have a French Canadian man, but unless someone decides to have sex with him (he appears to be the only gay man, so this is unlikely), there will not be currants.

The eight present three hours of homemade shows a day on the Webcast, things such as for "hot chick analysis, ball-breaker rants and rating strip clubs." The rest of the time, they hang out.

And a Toronto channel for years drove around the city streets in the wee hours of the morning, filming non-stop and playing a saxophone soundtrack. For example, was a camera trained on a bed for 60 minutes.

A man and a woman lay on it, occasionally pawing at each other, but basically sleeping.

hugfests." Her favourite saying is quoted as: "Go hard or go home!

" Valery Gagne, a 25-year-old Montrealer, is a receptionist who went out with comedian Tom Green for five years. Kalen Haymen, 19, originally from Toronto, is a photographer and "surfer dude" with partly flame-red hair and various nose and ear bolts and piercings. " Another auditions with a blow-up doll that he holds with one finger by means of an orifice and chases people down the street asking them to kiss his friend.

The lofters may have left home, but they are still there in spirit.

As one lofter assured his mother on the phone on the air, if she missed seeing him on the Webcast, she could still see him on TV.

U8TV calls him "endearingly" obnoxious, but the other lofters do not agree. Trevor (Tre) Smith, 29, studied criminology at York University in Toronto for three years. A blonde, a brunette and a redhead." His mantra is, get this, "Get busy livin' or get busy dyin'. After all, TV viewers in Victoria were enraged 18 months ago when their favourite channel was taken off.


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