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I'm also a web developer who uses self-signed SSL certs on internal and non-public sites since I do not see the need for verification of resources that I own and implicitly trust. I do understand the need for security precautions like this, but even the folks at M$FT have designed a workaround for cases like this. Maybe Firefox shouldn't warn about "sec_error_reused_issuer_and_serial" at all.

It's screwy that you can get an error due to visiting two web sites, but not by visiting only one.

There is often no way to force the deveice to regenerate the SSL cert.

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The router's certificate _does not exist_ in _any_ of the tabs. How is it that FF is remembering something I never told it to.

Because I know that the device generates its server certs, I always accept them _temporarily_. Your comment does not help, and represents a very sanctimonious attitude.

This is my Link Sys WRT54G router that I'm trying to access. As for the error itself, the reason why an exception cannot be made for it is found in bug 312732.

The only way to access it is with another Browser (e.g. I wouldn't mind seeing pages like this but I can't find a way to override the setting. Also see bug 410622 comment 43 for a possible workaround, though please don't comment in that bug. If you can't get to the router, you can't update the firmware!

FF is the only browser I have run across with this issue, and the fact that there is no way out through normal procedures (i.e. There is no reason why FF 2 should work with these routers and FF 3 does not. Go to tools/options/Advanced/Encryption//view certificates and delete you router override in the servers Tab AND in in the Authorities Tab.

I have never imported this router's cert permanently, knowing it would change. If you permanently add an exception (which is the default if you override) you will also import it. How do I remove this certificate without removing my PKI?Here is what should be done any time there is a problem with the certificate: 1) Always -- always -- show the certificate that causes the issue.How can anyone fix a problem when they don't know what it is? If the old stored certificate is the problem, provide a way to delete the old certificate on the error screen. I paid good money for the router, I know it doesn't do SSL 100% right. That your paid router is broken is not our problem, don't complain here, complain at linksys and you have the choice with other firmwares with the Wrt54g. final note: I don't decide if this error will be changed to a non fatal error or not.This bug was opened 8 months ago, last activity was 3 months, and it is still "unconfirmed"? Like others in this thread, I have my linksys set up to only allow wired connections and https to get to the admin console on the router.FF would not even let me view the certificate it said had the duplicate serial number, much less over-ride the error.I share the other posters frustration that the firefox devs seem unwilling to add a simple over-ride option for this problem which seems to be effecting lots of people. The problem is that: a) the situation is not fixable on the router end (sucks but that's life) b) Firefox does not offer any way via the GUI to fix the problem c) no temporary bypass is provided for cases where the user knows what they are doing (i.e.


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