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My New Sensation Smash Palace Studios 2004 Steve and Brian recorded the follow-up to “Unlocked”. He got married and started teaching art at a nearby university, so Steve was left to put the rest of it together. The band were really inspired and the songs were coming very fast. They were finally out and about playing live, which was great to do again.

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It was very fashionable in the 80’s to have this huge snare sound…we weren’t into it but the record label won out on that one.” Making the MTV video for “Living on the Borderline” was the most fun…the silly clothes and the big hair…what were we thinking?

Looking back, Steve remembers “Brian and I fought like crazy about the sound of the snare drum sound.

Beautiful Face Smash Palace Studios 2001 This was recorded almost immediately after Fast Long Loud…almost like it was the same record really.

It’s my favorite Smash Palace CD because of the way it was recorded and the pleasure of working with Brian again.” Tracklisting: 1.

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My New Sensation Imagine Records 1999 The follow up to our self-titled debut, that only took 14 years to make.

Riverdale Recorded 1985 A vintage live recording of Smash Palace from the Empire Rock Club in Philadelphia, PA. The live show features most of the songs on the first album plus 3 songs that were never recorded before.

According to Steve “I dragged him back into the music thing again…


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