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Most of the people here Gail didn't know at all and that's how she preferred it.When 7 o' clock rolled around Elaine called for the group's attention, and, in typical Elaine Peck fashion, laid down the law.The thought almost made her giddy, whatever giddy meant. "It's about time you put those piano lessons to use, Gail Peck.

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Displays of emotion were not appropriate for caliber of woman Elaine intended Gail to become. Having no idea what Elaine spent the last 2 minutes yapping about, Gail said, "Fine, Mother.

I will participate in your sinister plan for world domination.""I know you will.

Gail really valued those times she got to become the music and feel every word of the song and nuance of the melody.

She valued it so much because feeling was something her mother didn't really allow her to do. And her voice was hers alone, and it was always with her. So all of those things she had hid from her mother all of these years would now be both a feather in Elaine's cap and a demonstration of rebellion to her face. As Elaine's mouth stopped moving, Gail refocused on the outside world.

But Gail knew participation in the army of darkness was mandatory for a Peck, so she had her sunglasses and shit slicker on the ready.

As a Peck, there was no way she was getting out of this clean.

She loved all types of music and could sing and play all different genres.

She spent a lot of time at the local music store, somewhere her mother would never look for her based on the blasé front Gail put on with regards to the piano.

Her knowledge of musical theory and her well attuned musical ear made her a quick study.

She was by no means a prodigy, but she could pretty much play what she wanted and even join in to whatever others were playing even if she didn't know the song. It was the experience of vocalizing the lyrics and being the source of the music that made her feel really alive.

The ground rules of the auditions were fairly simple: sign in, demonstrate your talent(s) for the judges, be judged.


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