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It’s kind of funny and fun, and random all at the same time. As my husband says, we live in organized chaos all day long.

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Next, you’ll assemble your mini-book pages in the order in which you would like them to appear. blank page: here’s where I add a personal note to the couple from us, plus the date 4.

There’s a lot of flexibility here, but here’s how I assemble them for wedding gifts: 1. instruction & inspiration pages: these were created specifically for wedding gifts and do all the splainin’ for you 5.

Marking the Milestone and Looking Ahead Avoiding Awkwardness Getting Creative Community Q&A All anniversaries are important milestones, but few are more confusing than the one-month anniversary in a relationship. Should you celebrate it by giving your sweetheart a gift?

If so, how do you say “We’ve got a good thing going here,” but not “Start thinking about wedding venues” or “Don’t plan on a six-month anniversary”?

Instead of paralyzing yourself with indecision, focus on what you’ve learned about your partner so far, where you’d like to see the next phase of your relationship go, and what kind of gift is likely to bring both of you happiness.

After six years of marriage, one thing Mark and I have learned to be of incredible value to our relationship is spending intentional time together through date nights! Plus, reading a book by the fire together or watching the sunset from the lifeguard stand refuels the soul after a busy day.

the page for the month after the current one, followed by the next 11 months 6.

wild card: this one can be redeemed at any time during the next 12 months 7.

Bind your mini-book using a binder ring, string, or ribbon.

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