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An impressive career, yes, but it’s doubtful any of this gave him much comfort on December 15.

That was when he was called in from vacation for an a.m.

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Zucker was presented with materials on how to find a new job, and that was that.

(Zucker’s attorney, John Adair, confirmed this account of his dismissal, while a article.) For transgender activists in North America and around the world, the ouster of one of their biggest enemies in the field of mainstream sex research was a spectacular victory.

The “gender-affirmative” approach, which focuses on identifying young transgender children and helping them socially transition — that is, express their gender to others through their everyday clothes, name changes, or other means — has been on the rise in recent years, and has become the favored protocol of many activists and clinicians.

clinicians, who saw clients between ages 3 and 18, had a much more cautious stance on social transitioning for their younger clients — they believed that in many cases, it was preferable to first “help children feel comfortable in their own bodies,” as they often put it, since in the had been tarred for years as a “conversion” or “reparative” therapy clinic — terms which conjure images of outfits operated out of backwoods shacks in the Bible Belt.

Sweeter still, they found out later that day that entirely, with an eye toward eventually retooling and reopening it with input from its critics.

Years of activism, years of hearing and telling stories about what Zucker’s clinic did to vulnerable, gender-questioning young people, had finally paid off.

Zucker had built up quite a during his time leading the clinic: In addition to being one of the most frequently cited names in the research literature on gender dysphoria and gender-identity development, and the editor of the prestigious journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, he took a leading role helping devise diagnostic and treatment guidelines for gender dysphoric and transgender individuals.

He headed the group which developed the -5’s criteria for its “gender dysphoria” entry, for example, and also helped write the most recent “standards of care” guidelines for the World Professional Association for Transgender Health — one of the bibles for clinicians who treat transgender and gender-dysphoricpatients.

This will include three months of scenario-based testing at the Police College prior to going live in our communities.

At the conclusion of the pilot, recommendations will be presented to the Chief.

meeting with his employer, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (), one of the largest mental health and addiction research hospitals in Canada.

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