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I don’t have a particular type but I do REALLY like a girl with a wicked and cheeky sense of humour!!

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That said, so does being restrained to a chair in the corner of my bedroom.....

A lover of BDSM in all it's forms....submissive by nature, in mind and in body but it's amazing what a pair of leather boots can do to one's thinking with the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

I realise although we’re all after a little fun you’ve got to actually like the person you’re having fun with, ha!

Hope my little info bit has got you intrigued, if so cool! I've been absent from this scene for many years and recently returned when my life got flipped turned upside, wait....strike that, its the fresh prince.....

A growing corset collection which varies from lace to leather is sometimes added to the mix. I have a demanding career, a private life and I know when I see something that intrigues me. Warmest kinky wishes J xx hi females, we r a happily married couple looking to broaden our horizons with a female who knows how to have a good time and has gsoh, we r quite new to this and would love to find a sexy female to share a night of passion, love the girl-girl thing.

And to clarify, whilst the occasional naughty text message may stimulate the senses, I am certainly not a fan of , phone, cam erotica and such like. lol if this sounds like u we would love to hear from you xx hi couples, we r a happily married couple who are looking to take things 1 step further with the right couple, with people who are not demanding and who know how to have a good time, we r looking for genuine couples and facial pics would help, we have facial pics and are happy to send an invite on request.I love my wife and have no intention to either leave her or hurt her, however frustration is a big driving force in me being on here. I'm 40 considered good looking, short hair, blue eyes, 6ft broad rugby type build, GSOH, and looking to experience all that I can in life, so if your looking for No Strings Clean FUN please get in touch. I've puzzled over the lyrical content of this profile reworking for sometime.I'd love to find another married play partner on here for N. Each experience seems to mould the criteria for the next and so writing a short prologue which outlines me and what I seek, can at times, prove difficult. I guess as I approach my twelve month ''swinging' anniversary, I can no longer class myself as a 'newbie'.ive lost contact with almost everyone in the years I was away, so looking to make some new friends. not a racist), can have a conversation about things other than swinging or Jeremy kyle and are prepared to put up with someone who is warm, but not particularly a party animal..snuggles in front of a good movie.....I think we could get on...not, well, different strokes for different folks....Of course we'd also be happy to meet with a single female, but please NO single males.

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