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That first iteration of the bot, where we asked for an email address, was intended to minimize missed connections.

But ultimately it didn’t help with the other goals we were working toward (like better-qualifying the chats that were coming in).

What we don’t ever want is to completely replace human-to-human conversations, or see someone end up in an endless cycle of nonsensical chatbot talk. ) While those types of chatbots have their place, from a technology standpoint they’re not yet able to compete with humans when it comes to providing customer support and having conversations about your business.

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But in reality, today’s chatbots fall along a spectrum.

At one end of the spectrum are chatbots that are designed to replace human-to-human communication.

That’s because Poncho’s purpose is to programmatically respond to specific questions.

There’s a defined set of things users can expect the chatbot to be able to tell them.

But eventually, if you’re persistent (or you repeatedly mash the “0” key with your thumb), you can reach a human.

Cross the halfway point and you get to where our chatbot (aka Driftbot) fits into the picture.While the chatbots on the right side of the spectrum were focused on replacing or minimizing human-to-human interaction, the chatbots on the left side are geared toward enhancing it.Driftbot, for example, acts sort of like an intelligent switchboard for live chat.It asks you questions not so it can attempt to resolve your issue on its own, but so it can figure out who the best human is for you to talk to.Then it connects you to that human as quickly as possible.While ELIZA couldn’t beat the Turing test, flash forward to 2014 and we have a stronger contender: At the Turing Test 2014 Competition at the Royal Society in London, the Eugene Goostman chatbot was able to convince 33% of judges that it was actually a 13-year-old Ukrainian boy. At Drift, we don’t want our chatbot to trick you into thinking that it’s a human.

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