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The same massive firing is expected in public TV and radio, including all local broadcasting units.Public media will not be subordinated to an independent body but rather directly to the relevant minister.

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Parliament is proceeding with a new law on police forces, enabling security organs to tap all internet activity without prior authorisation by any court for up to 18 months.

Opposition parties, intelligentsia, even some former supporters of Law and Justice are joining in with protests, Law and Justice seems unimpressed with these developments.

Yet, according to Law and Justice this growth benefited only a few interest groups and their message has evidently gained the most traction.

The unprecedented investment in infrastructure, especially thanks to European funds, was depicted as “Poland in ruins”.

However, Law and Justice has signalled that it will not recognise these proposals as it does not comply with the new procedural law.

In addition to all of the above, the Civil Service has been decimated as a result of the direct firing of 1,550 directors and deputy directors from their positions in all ministries and the suspension of competitive procedures for hiring new staff.Consequently, the Government claims that it will finance its spending policies by eliminating tax evasion and increasing the budget deficit. What gives with this national orgy of self-congratulation and sentimentalism Singapore University Students sex tape.Despite the brinkmanship displayed over the past few weeks and the very public spats with EU institutions and fellow EU Member States, there is little chance that Poland will leave the EU under Law and Justice’s reign, not least because it wishes to continue benefiting from EU funds and free movement in the Schengen area. President Andrzej Duda avoided swearing in three judges elected by the previous parliament, because he claimed that parliament had lost the support of the people.Instead he swore in – in the middle of the night, so as to be ahead of the morning sitting of the Constitutional Tribunal on the legal applicability of the previously elected judges – five new judges elected by the new Parliament.Another sleight of hand by the administration is that journalists are to be summarily fired and then ‘recruited’ following individual “verification”.


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