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"Sorry, but this mantelpiece maddens me," she says.

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Rendell enjoys playing football and supports Manchester United.

If Alex was to make it in football, he would be compared to the likes of Gary Nevile & Djemba Djemba.

He was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and moved to Bangkok, Thailand when he was 4 years old. Rendell graduated from Bangkok Patana School in 2008, and attended Faculty of Communication Arts, International Program, Chulalongkorn University.

; born January 9, 1990) is an English-Thai actor and singer.

He has played for his Highschool - Bangkok Patana and helped clinch multiple BISAC & SEASAC trophies.

An interesting fact to point out is that his favourite number is 22 and he is part of PUAKKUA since 1993/1994 till present.

, lahir di Jakarta, Indonesia, 9 Januari 1990; umur 27 tahun) adalah aktor dan penyanyi Inggris-Thailand.

Ia membintangi beberapa film yaitu The Tesseract (2003), Indiana Joai: Elephant Cemetery (2003), Pisaj (2004) dan 13 Beloved (2006).

He has starred in films such as The Tesseract (2003), Indiana Joai: Elephant Cemetery (2003), Pisaj (2004) and 13 Beloved (2006).

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The bestselling novelist Ruth Rendell walks across the large sitting-room of her house in Little Venice, west London, about to take her seat for the photo shoot, when she spots something on the mantelpiece that unsettles her.

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