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The same can be done to the regulars you scope with their morning latte and croissant at Steve-O-Reno's (1536 Brunswick Street, 429-3034), Two If By Sea (66 Ochterloney Street, Dartmouth, 469-0721), Just Us (1678 Barrington Street, 422-5651), Uncommon Grounds (1030 South Park Street, 431-3101) or Ireland 32 (6220 Quinpool Road, 444-7555). My personal experience shows that people are more approachable when the sun is still out and nowhere are people more comfortable than sipping a mojito on a patio.

Alteregos Cafe (2193 Gottingen Street, 431-3170) and Tom's Little Havana (5428 Doyle Street, 423-8667) are just two examples but patios literally burst up from the pavement all across Halifax this time of year.

I'm single and bored, but too proud to admit bored means "lonely." Maybe you're of the same ilk.

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The Coast Love & Sex survey found that the majority of pollers are single, too, and they're "bored with it." I also did some research on the amount of time I spend on my own futon watching Gossip Girl re-runs and the verdict is in---it wouldn't hurt any of us to try and meet someone new.

There are lots of ways to stay single: the aforementioned futon method; avoiding situations that are potentially awkward; not knowing what shoes to wear with that top.

" Another approach is buying more caramel fudge than you can possibly eat, and offering to share it with someone.

Fudge is irresistible unless you are a vegan---in which case the Farmers' Market offers a lovely dairy-free alternative.

You may find yourself without a dog or fudge to lure in someone, in which case you can attempt to intercept a person by being the proactive one and ask about them about their dog, their fists full of fudge, their shoes, or whatever.

Snagging a new friend or a date is like reading a book.

Look for nights at the Khyber (1588 Barrington Street, 422-9668) when Ladies Beverage Room or Stewart Innes are DJ-ing.

Big shows at The Paragon Theatre(2037 Gottingen Street) always seem to have people you've never seen piling out of the woodwork, and that place is big and dark enough that you could get married twice and still make out in the bathroom.

The thing about trivia is that each team is only playing for beer and bragging rights.

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