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When the Internet got relatively mature, sale of any sexual service not involving a minor could be made to anyone not a minor.

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The editor of High Society magazine, Gloria Leonard, is credited with being one of the first people to use "976 numbers", then "900 numbers" for promotional purposes and soon as a revenue stream in the adult industry.

Leonard recorded her own voice informing callers of the contents of the next issue of High Society magazine before its publication.

At that time independent phone sex was more dangerous, as Lee's movie portrays.

With the progress of technology it became more practical, convenient, and economical for providers to work out of their homes.

Kun je met minder dan tien tips weer begrijpelijk leren schrijven? Het (nieuwe) boek ‘Negen regels naar een duidelijke tekst’ laat het zien. Jurriëns stap voor stap hoe je een boodschap helder voor het voetlicht brengt. Ik was daar op uitnodiging van de afdeling Communicatie, die af wilde van het wazige en ingewikkelde taalgebruik in de organisatie.

‘Negen regels naar een duidelijke tekst’ is onder andere te koop in de boekwinkel en bij Nadat ik was aangekondigd als innovatieprofessor Van den Berg van de Universiteit van Tilburg, stak ik lekker ingewikkeld van wal.Leonard herself was surprised at the success of these numbers.Originally phone sex services consisted of a managed network of dispatchers (live or automated) and erotic performers.(This attitude still survives among some providers.) When public (mostly female) pressure forced the phone companies to stop providing this service to sex workers, a transition was made to a manual method: pre-paid blocks of time, 10, 30, 60 minutes, whatever the customer would pay for.The incentives for providers were then reversed; rather than earning money from keeping the customer on the line (orgasm delayed), they earned more from bringing the caller to orgasm quickly, so as to move on rapidly to another call.Phone sex is a conversation between two or more people on the phone where one or more of the individuals is describing the act of sex.

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