Joo jin mo dating gbr burit besar

“They met while working together for a Chinese show and got closer when Joo provided help during her visit to South Korea last year.” Joo also unveiled his relationship with Zhang by uploading photos on Weibo of the two dating.He has long denied dating rumors but changed his position after Chinese media released photos and videos earlier in the day of the two together in Sapporo, Japan, early this month.

They met on the set of Chinese drama and subsequently the C-media speculated that they were dating from the set visit warmness between the two as well as catching them out and about after filming.

There was radio silence back then regarding the rumors but this week the couple was spotting in Japan on vacation with photo evidence snapped by fans so they’ve confirmed they are dating.

All along, Bok-geo has been guiding Geum-joo on her journey to become a good lawyer.

He continues to be her mentor, friend, and hopefully something more as he does his best to prepare her for that fateful day.

Unfortunately, the law can be corrupted, as our heroine knows all too well.

It’s been a long journey for Geum-joo, but at least she’s made some friends along the...

It’s the beginning of the showdown Bok-geo has spent years preparing Geum-joo for, and she finally has the all-important badge she needs to go to bat for her unjustly framed benefactor.

As their opponents use their influence to keep justice at bay, Geum-joo finds that she must be more on her toes than ever to...

Geum-joo’s journey has been both heartbreaking and inspirational, capped by a rare retrial in the case that started it all.

Her story is a testament to perseverance, but while Geum-joo’s promise to be a “forever friend” to her clients has worked out...

Zhang also recently posted a picture of herself taken against the backdrop of a snow field, indicating the rumors may be true.

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