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Even though this may be the case, all beautiful women do not always wake up every morning believing that they are beautiful.

All women (and in most cases especially beautiful women) have doubts and insecurities about themselves.

Whatever people may say about him, he is still a pioneer in pick up and I have a lot of regard for what he says about this area of work.

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The reason why Kezia’s students get better results than the students of any other pick up coaches is because we teach game but have the unique position of understanding a woman’s perspective.

As a woman, I get approached all the time and have an acute awareness of my value and level of attraction.

Now before you all start becoming blubbering wrecks and start crying or weeping half way into every interaction with a woman and telling her all your problems in order to show vulnerability, it is important to realise the areas where is it okay to show that you are actually human.

Generally speaking it is okay to lower your value in a way which does not reduce your status too much or on a permanent or persistent level.

I also work on the general demeanour and manner of my students so that they appear to be high value in situations where they are not surrounded by women and have to game on their own.

Comfort is only the starting point of a seduction and I teach my students how to transition the interaction from this initial comfort stage to wherever they want to take things.

What I am now going to talk about is something quite advanced which has not been covered by other pick up coaches.

I have highlighted above why high value is important to build comfort but there is the possibility that a man may face where his value is too high and a woman may actually like him, feel comfortable in his presence, think that he is attractive from an objective perspective but does not visualise herself with him for reasons explained below.

Daniel Craig in Casino Royale got it perfect in his seduction of Vesper Lynd.

The first interaction between the two of them in the train to Montenegro showed Bond showing all of his male bravado.

Imagine this: if you walk out into the street right now and in the middle of the pavement you see a six year old girl by herself in a summer dress crying, what would you do?


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