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And he really knew what he was doing with it.” —Ariel A.“To be honest, I’m more a fan of girth than length.

I’ve had more orgasms with average-sized penises than with the big ones.

It’s almost like guys with larger-than-average penises feel privileged, like they don’t have to work as hard.

In September I started a series of talks called Beyond The Good Normal, covering dating, orgasm and pleasure, relationships, self empowerment and getting the sex you want. Although I’m going to wait until after then to give you a little round up of what’s been happening, I did want to touch on a question I was asked at the last talk: ‘Why are you doing this? I’ve heard the following phrase with increasing regularity from women: ‘Why do I have to teach a guy how to be a good lover?! The frustration is understandable: it’s often a comment made by a woman who feels compelled to teach her man-child how to ‘adult’.

Whatever my feelings about this life choice (stop taking responsibility for emotionally under-equipped grownups), the question about why we need to ‘teach’ people – men in this case – to pleasure us properly is one that deserves an answer. The new solid silver pendants plated in rose gold and gold have come home and I'm thrilled.

It’s not like I’m looking for something huge or anything.

It’s more like one that’s a size that just fits really well with me.

Plus, most of these relationships don’t last the semester; those that do usually come to a grinding halt by summer.

Whatever the case, a long-distance breakup can be pretty painful—certainly more painful than being realistic with your sweetie from the start.

It’s difficult to end a relationship, but there are some good reasons to start off your college career single.


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