manqana mustani - Police officer dating felon

As to whether you could separate the two...viewing the other inmates as you do your husband.

It doesn't kill your chances at a possible career..just have to be able to draw the line..the DOC has to have faith that you can.

I have had the same question in my head for over a year. A little scared to see if the man I share my life with may have destroyed one of my future careers.

i started the process of becoming a co for the state. I am taking the chance that since he may be a felon, the co's inside the prison, not patrolling the exterior, or watch tower, don't carry guns. I still love him, but it's a hard thing to swallow.

Well as some of the others stated I would find out about the state laws.

It is not necessarily true that they will not hire you b/ of your fiance's criminal history.

I Was In College For Criminal Justice And All The Teachers I Asked About This Said That First It Depends On What State Your In, And What Your Bf Did. They will not hire someone who is due to marry someone who was or is a violent felon.

We just had an Officer fired for "dating" an ex-con.

I thought for sure my chances of getting in were slim to none.

I was so wrong and I have also been hired through a department and I even told them about him and his crime.

tkeefover..can work for the DOC with your spouse incarcerated.


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