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Courtship, today, has become boringly synonymous with active dating, but this was not always the case.

The story from every dorm room, to the stories on our celluloid screens…love and courtship.

While the 21st-Century India is still going through its socio-cultural reforms, a small state of Bihar has adopted a strange popular ritual of “kidnapping the groom,” as a way to fight the custom of dowry.

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Everyone can approach a woman of their choice and, if it’s a yes from her, she’ll invite him to sit on a stool with her.

He will drape his blanket around her, and they can just have all sorts of mushy fun together. Source The Dai folks might have a free-spirit kind of approach to love, but the Kreung tribes from Cambodia have simply taken it to a different level.

A tribe called the Atayals was very enthusiastic about head-hunting, literally!

The men often used severed heads from their battles to woo the women they coveted.

If interested, the men would happily gulp it down in acceptance. There could be nothing more challenging than to test the patience of young adolescent lovers through “bundling,” a common practice during 16th-17th century in Europe and America.

Young girls and boys were actually allowed to stay together, in the girl’s house, overnight, sharing the same bed…fully clothed…wrapped in separate blankets…with a bundling board between them. The sole purpose of this practice was for both of them to know each other well, while resisting any kind of temptation! You can only yearn for a simple natural way to live your life the way the Dai people of China & Southeast Asia live.

We are talking about 19th century Austria, where pretty lasses had the liberty of courting men they liked with a slice of an apple. Source There is always a thin line between intercourse and intimacy.

Not just any apple slice mind you, but the one soaked in their armpits during a dance ceremony, presented to them later. Rather, we have a thick blanket here between those!

They also have an interesting traditional courtship ritual. You’ll find all the young women sitting around a bonfire, and turning their spinning wheels.


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