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It is a giant working breed, and it seems to be losing size, bone and substance in some instances.

I have watched the Great Dane ring for years dating back to Sylvia and Doug Rodwell, Lena Basquette, and Jack Dexter. Great presence, especially in the Best of Breed class.

John & Jessie Gerszewski, Don Carmody, Carnell Gurrath. Breed type first, well balanced, head, bone, movement, size & elegance. Lack of breed type, lack of size in dogs and bitches (they are supposed to be the Apollo of dogs), poor shoulders & forechest.

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Regal, strong, powerful appearing – the Apollo of Dogs; square proportion and correct size; head long, finely chiseled, parallel planes, full square jaw with deep muzzle; long, well arched neck; level topline, slightly sloping croup; underline tucked up; well angulated; clean, powerful movement. Not having regal appearance, dignity, strength, elegance, great size; not square, too long; bone too fine, not strong; exaggeration of head with excessive flews; straight shoulders, lacking rear angulation; weak toplines; steep croup, low tail set; poor, weak movement.

Overall balance, strong body, level topline, good fronts and rears, bone that balances the size of the dog, head with correct planes, strong neck that flows into the shoulders, square and able to move with ease, showing great strength and grace, great expression. Lack of breed type, inadequate head planes, slab sided, fine bone, splayed feet, poor toplines, fronts and rears, shy temperament. Great Danes – fawn, brindle Favorite: Ch Merrimac Trinity of Ryan Other breeds: Akitas 2. Sally Chandler, Carnell Gurrath, George and Flo Burmeister 4.

Poor heads, weak toplines, cow hocks, shy, light bone, poor movement.

Great Dane – fawn and brindle Favorite: Ch Halemoss Rojon Dounreay 2. Upright shoulders, long backs, temperament, short stilted movement Back 1.

Lack of width – rib spring and narrow between the front legs. Different failures depending on geographical areas.

Straight fronts and over angulated or straight rears. Light bone, weak heads, poor fronts & rears, high tail carriage; not the Apollo Back 1.

Rectangular head, finely chiseled, parallel planes.

Gait showing strength and power, with easy strides.

Long, rectangular head; square outline with proper proportions. Straight shoulders, short upper arms; restricted side gait, rolling hocks; improper balance; lacking good breed head type.


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