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Ferenczy said he and his friends were having a good time, until one comedian got on stage and only picked on Ferenczy.The jokes, he said, started with the comedian asking Ferenczy why his voice was so high.“There were elbows thrown and people called me a faggot, which I heard all too often.

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A study released by the Association of American Universities showed that LGBT students are disproprtionately affected by sexual harassment and assault than heterosexual students.

Of the 27 universities surveyed, 11.7 percent of all students said they had experienced nonconsensual penetration or forced touching.

The number of transgender, genderqueer or non-conforming, questioning or not listed undergraduate students that had reported sexual assault was 12.4 percent Reports of sexual harassment within the LGBT community are even higher, at 75.2 percent for undergraduate students and 69.4 percent for graduate students.

Bisexual students face harassment more than other LGBT students, whereas asexual, questioning or other gender identities face the highest risk of being victims of sexual assault.

"I thought that after all this time things would have changed.

People don't see it actually offends other people."Hines also said a bar like General Beauregard's does more to separate the University, and in the long run, the state as a whole.However, separation isn't on the owner's agenda."We've heard nothing but positive feedback," Simmons said."We're not trying to be racist."Dominick added that it's not about racism, it's about giving Athens something new."(The bar) is really laid back and awesome," said Becca Taubel, a white sophomore from Gainesville. you don't have to wear earplugs when you walk in the door."And Taubel said she didn't even notice the flags."I believe in Georgia, especially, there's not too much that separates races other than the rebel flag ...“I ended up crying because I realized I went a whole year without being called a fag.That was just amazing to me.” 75.2 percent of LGBT undergraduate students surveyed reported sexual harassment.11.7 percent of LGBT students surveyed said they experienced non-consensual penetration or forced touching.12.4 percent of LGBT students surveyed reported having been sexually assaulted.74.1 percent of LGBT students in K-12 surveyed were reported having been verbally harassed because of their sexual orientation.And apparently they want me to hear it.”Discrimination was especially prevalent in high school for Ferenczy, and he said he was amazed when he moved to Athens to no longer hear anyone talk about his sexual orientation for his entire first year of college.


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