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Klein is working through some 'problems', e.g., drink, drugs, and Elijah sort of pushed to give him the guest spots, to help him. Wood is apparently not only fuckable but damn nice. any series that beings with a guy trying to commit suidice and masturbating in the shower is a pretty good show. It's really super funny if you're high, and it's really funny if you're not.

I do think the first few minutes was really strong though...

I couldn't get past that and turned it off after five [email protected] - that's Cris Klein and yeah, probably. The show doesn't have the typical "OH I'M SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY" type of humor with lines and fake audience laughs. I caught this the other night because it seemed to be pretty popular on Hulu and enjoyed the four episodes I saw.

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), please don't get someone to do a Mary Steenburgen impression. Not "My Name is Earl" or "Raising Hope" quirk, but I'll miss what it could have become. Bear is a bottom bitch, worthless slut, cum-encrusted MALE cock-whore, stuffed animal.

Then in Season 4, Episode 5, they cast Bear as ,a well-endowed muscle-bound FEMALE?

My cable system has it On Demand, but FX insists it can't be fast forwarded or rewound, and they loaded it with commercials. I really wanted to like Wilfred, it's disappointing. I suppose you all find Daniel Radcliffe, Seth Green and Justin Beiber hot shit too.

It actually runs five minutes LONGER than the original 30 minutes on the network. Louie is slightly better, but I'm pretty much over that show too. His "humour" is what's holding him back from cracking the C-List after nearly 2 decades in the business. It's the old "haha, how funny that people think I'm gay" without actually denying it.

Landing a succession of larger roles, he was critically acclaimed as a child actor by age nine, being nominated for several Young Artist Awards.

As a child, he starred in the films Radio Flyer (1992), The Good Son (1993), North (1994), and Flipper (1996).

It's based on an Australian show about a guy, his girlfriend and his girlfriend's dog Wilfred - who is played by a man in a dog suit. In the original, the dog does drugs and has a very foul mouth. The reviews have stated that you're either going to like Wilfred and hate it. There are usually a few laugh-out-loud moments or lines for me each episode, and I do like that they're centered around life-relevant themes and relationships, without going corny or sentimental.

Describing the show doesn't do it justice, you have to see it yourself. The ratings have been very good so, in all likelihood, it will be picked up for another season.[quote]having a different taste in a TV show does not make me an idiot. It's not having different (or no) taste that makes you an idiot. Chris Klein was absolutely unrecognizable as the neighbor's boyfriend - I can believe that he's gone through a drugs / drinking phase, because he's definitely aged a bit in what seems like a short amount of time.

In 2005, he started his own record label, Simian Records.


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