Dilbert on dating and marriage

No - that is just bullshit propaganda by people who have watched too much "Homeland" and believe every crap about the official 9/11 narrative. I don't believe it is right to kill one innocent to take out a suspected terrorist.

I don't think traditional marriage is going away anytime soon.

But it probably isn't a coincidence that there are more single and divorced people than ever.

Today's blog post touches on his separation from his wife and step-kids, and it contains this little gem: "In 2014, marriage is still the best economic arrangement for raising a family, but in most other senses it is like adding shit mustard to a shit sandwich. No one would choose the situation I found myself in, but I recognized it as a rare blank slate. Police don't get to run red lights as part of the social contract, they get to do it because the government writes the rules.

If an alien came to earth and wanted to find a way to make two people that love each other change their minds, I think he would make them live in the same house and have to coordinate every minute of their lives." That got a chuckle out of me. I was free to reinvent my social life in any fashion I liked. He gets it wrong in saying that "In modern society, power comes from three sources: education, money, and attractiveness." It's money, attractiveness and charisma.

Off hand, I can't think of any feminist goal that is unreasonable.

There are real questions on how one measures pay gaps and whatnot, and how one approaches a particular problem, but those are details.In the future I think you will see organized groups of "friends" that share duties to make all of their lives easier.One friend might enjoy raising kids and hate working a traditional job, so that friend stays home and does childcare for several single parents in return for a share of the collective income of the group.That is just an example, but you can see how one might engineer a better system than marriage.If you disagree with anything I've written today, look around the next time you are on vacation.I don't think he's got all the answers but he's talking about the right questions.

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