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We select only checked apps with a high rate, so you can be sure that all apps in this list are efficient, friendly-yo-use and really enjoyable.Speaking about oo Voo, I can say that it is one of my favorite apps in a question of video chatting.

We appreciate Hangouts for an ability to log in via Google and do free group video calls up to 10 other people.

Notice, that video calls are available if your devices over 3G/4G or connected to Wi-fi or the internet.

Using this app you won’t be able to call your friend, you will chat with every people in the world who is watching you nearby or in different distant corners of the world.

Apart from public video chatting, private conversations are also available.

Also, you can create a group of people whom you text a lot every day.

It is a completely new video chat and messaging platform created by Google developers.

All you need is to open up the app, press on the person’s icon you want to call and tap the camera button in the top-right corner.

You will be immediately connected to your friend and be able to talk as long as you want for free.

To say the truth, it replaces three well-known products by Google production : Google Talk, Google and Hangouts, the messenger and video chat platform allowing people to keep up with each other , using front-face cam.

Like Siri open Facetime by the request, Hangouts is provided with supporting of “Google Voice” technology. If we talk about Android devices, current versions use Hangouts as the default application for texting.

It is Also one of the best apps for video chatting ,as well, and in App Store and Google Play ,in general.


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