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Rarely has young love been so strikingly portrayed in British cinema.

For the generation who were experiencing their formative years in the early 80s, Bill Forsyth’s loveable romantic comedy, Gregory’s Girl, would have struck a very recognisable chord.

Jo’s fleeting experience of young love is anything but a dream come true, but it is life-changing.

For a few years in the early 60s, Rita Tushingham was the go-to girl for playing teenagers grappling with the ups and downs of their first serious love affairs.

Adapted and toned down for the screen from her own 1961 novel of the same name by Gillian Freeman, The Leather Boys was still considered bold and provocative owing to its portrayal of the deep friendship that grows between Reggie and gay biker Pete (Dudley Sutton).

Polish director Jerzy Skolimowski’s Deep End is a genuinely offbeat tale of obsessional adolescent love.

The beauty of Forsyth’s enduringly popular, self-penned narrative, though, is that despite its very particular place and time, its themes cross cultures, genders, generations and eras.

The unrequited love gawky, inexperienced school kid Gregory (John Gordon Sinclair) feels for Dorothy (Dee Hepburn) is emblematic of the emotional, hormonal and peer pressure-driven minefield that is one’s teenage years.

Many of these films dealt in the often harsh realities of young love: the disappointments, heartbreaks, marital discord, unplanned pregnancies and tragedies that crushed hopeful hearts and imagined futures.

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