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Fast ye over to Tarshiah ; howl, ye in- habitants of the coast 1 Is this your joyous city, whoso I«. But the king of Assyria placed guards on the river, and on the conduits, to prevent the Tyrians from drawing water, and returned home. The mill and the mill-stone (as indispensable to every house- hold), and the giirment of the widow, are not to be demanded.' The new law repeatedly gives command that the debtor, who from inability to pay bus become the aiave of his creditor (II. S»7 marshes, and bade him not to leave them or trouble himself about the rest of Egypt Perceiving that injustice was done to him, Psammetichus bethought him how to avenge himself on those who had driven him out ; and when he inquired of the oracle of Buto he received the answer, '* Vengeance would come from the sea, when the brazen men appeared." Psamme- tichus did not believe the oracle.

By distant waters the seed of the Nile, the harvest of the river, was their reveooe, and she was the mart of natio Dii Be thoo ashamed, Sidon, for the sea hath qwken ; tlie strength of the sea thus : I travailed not, and brought not forth ; I brought up no young men and maidens. Sidon, and Acco, and old Tyre, and many other cities revolted from the Tyrians ; but as the Tyrians themselves did not submit, the king turned again upon them, and the Phenicians manned 60 ships for him, and placed upon them 8000 rowers.^ Against these the Tyrians set sail with 12 ships ; destroyed the Yes Bcls of the enemy, and made about 500 prisoners. 2S6 the cloak of the poor in pledge ; ^ the new law forbids the creditor, who dcmauds his loan, to enter the houae in order to choose a pledge for himself, and lays down the rule that the man who lends money is to wait outside till the debtor brings a pledge. Mindful of this oracle the kings were not inclined to punish Psammetichus with death, because they found on inquiry that he had not used his helmet with premeditation ; but they took from him the greater part of his power, confined him to tho MOm UNDER PSAMMBTICUU8 AND NBCOO.

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It is remarkable that the Tyrians are said to have met the 00 ships of the blockade with 12 ships only. The most essential point was to put an end to the Caoaanitish rites in Israel, and prevent their entrance for the future. It goes decidedly beyond the old in the regulations, instituted even in the old law, for the diminution of the severity of the law of debt, and in regard for the oppressed and poor (II. The arrangements about the years of Sabbath and of Jubilee are dropped as impracticable in the new law, and are reduced to the much simpler rule, that in every seventh year, t. in the year of Sabbath, an " acquitment is to be made," I. every unpaid loan, made before this year, is to bo cancelled, with the income upon it. As this dream appeared frequently, he summoned the priests, and said to them, that he should displease the god if ho remained longer in the land, or he would never have advised such an act in a dream. by outraging the god, and staining his own life by wicked murder.

The cities, which had submitted, were now compelled to furnish shij)8 to Shalmanesar for the conquest of Cyprus, and the blockade of the island city, which was carried on from the mainland also, since old Tyre was garrisoned there, and the inhabitants of the island city were prevented from drawing water on the coast. 221 people every one should pay a poll-tax to the temple, were not repeated in the new law. " Cursed is he that pcrvertcth the judgment of the fatherless and widow." ^ In the canons of law, as in the regulations about the tithes, the new code makes changes only with a view to the carrying out of the law in practice. The god of Thebes appeared to him in a dream, and said that he could not govern Egypt prosperously and for long unless ho collected all the priests and cut each into two parts, and marched between the parts with his body-guard.

Shal- mancsar overruns Syria, before the assistance from Egypt has arrived there (720 ac.).* Hoshea is either taken by surprise and overcome, or in his terror attempts to appease the king of Asshur by submission. Remember that thou wast a bondman in the land of Egypt, and that Jehovah thy God redeemed thee." Runaway slaves, who had escaped into another community, were not to be delivered up again to their master, according to the new eode.' The old hiw gave command : " The hire of the day Ubouier shall not remain with thee till the momiug " (IL 225). He received the lonians and Carians in a firiendly manner, and induced them by great promises to stay with him.

The cities of the Phc- nicians, and of the Philistines, and the kingdom of Israel hope for the assistance of the king of Meroe and Egypt, of Sabakon, whom the Hebrews call Scveh, and the inscriptions of the Assyrians, Sabhi. It repeats the com- mand to liberate Hebrew slaves in the seventh year, and adds : " And when thou sendest him away tree, thou ahalt not let him go empty ; thou shalt furnish him liberally out of thy flor;k, and out of thy floor, and out of thy wiueprcss. Then Psamme- tichus saw that the oracle w^as fulfilled.

A far-seeing ruler of Egypt, secure of his military power, must endeavour to antici- pate this attack ; he must prevent it by uniting the elements of resistance existing in Syria. found greater resistance than in the removal of these foreign rites and their priests. 325), are the remains of a not ▼ery extensive building; some bricks bear the in- acription : " I Assur-idil-ili, king of the nations, king of the land of Asshur, son of Assurbanipal, king of the nations, king of the land of Asshur, son of Esar- haddon, king of Asshur. But here also the inscription seems to be speaking of another period, and indeed of conflicts from the days of Esarhaddon, when the Cimmerians set foot on the southern shore of the Black Sea ; and I would not, on this account, allow myself to be led astray, even if a third tablet, supposed to narrate the same circumstances, should mention Castarit as a prince of the Medes.' » O. Such a deed he would not commit : the time had passed which was allotted to him for the rule of Egypt ; an oracle in Ethiopia had announced to him that he would rule oyer E^pt for fifty years.

AVlien Tiglath Pilesar had extended the dominion of Assyria as far as Gaza and Elath, and a victorious aggressive power of great strength stood on the borders of Egypt, the attack of Assyria might Ikj expected there. When the king proceeded to pi: 1 to the ancient worship of Jehovah on the h( . On the ruins of Chalah, in the south-east corner of the terrace, on which stand the palaces of the kings of Asshur, to the south of the ruins of the house of 8amsi-Bin Il L (II. The second fnijr- ment speaks of a hundred days of prayer and thanks- giving, because Castarit with his warriors, and the warriors of the Cimmerians, and the warriors of the Mannai, had taken the towns of Khartam and Kissassu. Then Sabakon said that the gods hail announced to him by this vision that he would by some evil deed bring upon himself severe punishment from the gods or from mo D. THE oo HSTirunoir, army, akd abt or thk asstkiakn ■ ■ I8i CHAPTER X. He announced destruction and ruin to the Philistines, the kingdom of Israel, and the Pbcnicians. These twelve kings contracted family alliances with each other, and agreed that none of the twelve should seek greater possessions than another, or attempt to crush the others, but that all should be on the best terras with each other. 96 CHAPTER VL MNNAOBIft IB IN «YRI V ISl CHAPTER VII. CHAPTER VIIL ▲mubbaxval's WAM AXD Ticroun .181 CHAPTER IX. Rl princes of Tyre, Zei Dar,anc[ Hamath (see below) — which Sabakon, on the walls of Kornak, describes as tribute received from the inhabitants of Palestine (p. Isaiah foresaw very plainly what would be the issue of this undertaking which to him appeared madness and intoxication. Then the Passover was oelebf Bted according to the regulations of the law, *' as never before under the kings of Israel and Judah," and tradition proudly declares of Josiah ** that before bim there aro M no king like unto him, nor after him."' Abo T», p. Sennacherib, the king of the Arabians and Assyrians, marched, but the god of Memphis saved him by send- ing field mice into the camp (p. After the death of Sethos the Egyptians became free, but as they could not live without a king they elected twelve kings, and divided Egjrpt into twelve parts. This is what is stated in the records of the Tyrians about Shalmanesar, the king of the Ass3rriaiis." ' Aoeordtng to these indicatioii B and statements we * 8o Bt Mt W9 nt A lor 800; SO ywit i OTi t— w^ uiw d SOOO; 00 trir MDM At Ifl Mi 8000 rowwii • «« Aattq." 0. may assume the course of affaire to have been some- thing of the following kind. It requires that all slaves should participate, not only in the rest of the Sabbath, but in the enjoyment of the fi Bstivals of harvest and vintage. When they got on the shore in their brazen armour, an Egyptian aimounced to Psammetichus that brazen men who were come from the sea were laying waste the plains. The Tyrians endured this for five years, during which they drank water from wells that they had dug. 221), is not to be called upon to perform the duties of a slave, but is rather to be kept in the house as a hired servant and a serf. But lonians and Ciirians, who had taken ship for plunder, were driven out of their course to Egypt. The ships of the inhabitants of the mainland may not have taken a vigorous part in the fighting ; and the blockade may not have been carried on very strictly. Even the closely-related tribes of the Ammonites and Moabites were not to bo received, though families of these tribes in the tenth generation were living in Israe L The only exception allowed by the Book of the Law was in favour of the £domites, the most closely ^related tribe (1. ** From the Edomite thou shalt not turn away ; he is thy brother? "^ Thus in Israel money was, in fact, only lent on pledge. But as the people were unquiet, and domestic strife broke out, the most distinguished princes, twelve in number, met at Memphis, and made a league, and swore to remain friendly and faithful to each other, and made themselves kings.


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