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Discussions later centered on Frankie Buglione's new girlfriend, Brooklyn, and Liscio's reaction—which considering her blatant disregard for people's feelings in the past, was strangely passive.Discussions later centered on Frankie Buglione's new girlfriend, Brooklyn, and Liscio's reaction—which considering her blatant disregard for people's feelings in the past, was strangely passive. Remember when Briella and Frankie danced at the club that night? Heading over to Gigi’s mother’s home she tells her mother that [read more...] Gregory House, M. Specializes in infectious diseases and nephrology and a board certified diagnostician while also possessing an anti-social [read more...] The cast of The Horribly Slow ******er with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon - 2008 includes: Paul Clemens as Jack Cucchiaio Michael James Kacey as The Doctor Fay Kato as The Mystic Melissa Paladino as The Girlfriend The cast of The Horribly Slow ******er [read more...] And the most important reason: YOU ****ING LIVE HERE YOU LAZY **** WITH YOUR PATRIARCHAL VIEWS OF GENDER ROLES GETCHO**** UP AND LEMON PLEDGE THE **** OUTTA THAT COFFEE TABLE. My logic is, if you made the mess, you clean it up.

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We’re looking for a part-time bookkeeper/office manager. Willingness to help out on the retail floor also a plus.

Scheduling flexibility and willingness to put up with bad jokes essential.

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